Introducing the 2017 Asia Trail Master series


While we are eagerly awaiting the Vietnam Mountain Marathon at the end of September to launch our long and exciting autumn season and the conclusion of this year's Asia Trail Master championship, let's already look ahead to 2017. The preparations for the 2017 Asia Trail Master series are in full swing, and in the next couple of weeks we will be revealing all the technical ins and outs of the series next year, as well as the new race entries and the classic trails on our calendar. 

First of all: the 2017 series will commence earlier than in the past two years. Already on 14 January, runners will compete for Asia Trail Master points on The Dirt Track in Thailand! An exciting new event entry featuring a race of 75 km in the beautiful Sangkhla Buri region in the west of the country, bordering Myanmar! Organised by the team that brings you the Ultra Trail Panoramic, Teelakow, the Dirt Track will appeal to trail enthusiasts who enjoy a runnable course. Total elevation gain is measured to be 1600 hm. An excellent race to begin the Asia Trail Master season with next year. Event details will be released in due course. 

Keen to find out what the second race in the 2017 Asia Trail Master series will be? Come back to this site and see tomorrow! 

2017 Asia Trail Master Calendar

14/01/17 - THAILAND - The Dirt Track