The 2018 ATM Championship Lowdown

ATM 2018 Rules of the Game.001.jpeg

As previously announced, the points regulations for the 2018 Asia Trail Master Championship series do not differ a lot from 2017. Perhaps the most prominent innovation is that runners who do five (or more) races are expected to have done 1 SuperTrail as well by the end of 2018 or suffer a points penalty of 250 points. This measure is of course to avoid that a strong runner collects race wins - and thus 500 points - in slightly smaller races on the ATM calendar and in so doing potentially become champion without ever facing the other protagonists in the championship. 

A second interesting novelty is that 100 miles finishers will now get 50 bonus points instead of 25. 

Finally, an important remark that was already there in 2017 but we wish to emphasize it for 2018: joint finishes are only accepted in the first quarter. That means, as of Sungai Menyala Forest Trail on 1 April, if runners come together hand-in-hand into the finish we will make a distinction between them by looking at their ranking at the last - or an earlier - checkpoint during the race. 

Please take a look at the image slide below for the key points: 

ATM 2018 Rules of the Game.001.jpeg
Kris Van de VeldeComment