ATM supports Indonesia's GOAT RUN race series

Trail running is developing in many countries nowadays and lots of people are picking up the sport. Trail enthusiasts and event organisers have set up some great initiatives to assist these newcomers in getting acquainted with the requirements and demands of trail running. In Indonesia, the GOAT RUN series are a prime example of this. As the second edition is about to begin in West Java this weekend, we are happy to announce the new promotional partnership between Asia Trail Master and Goat Run. 

Founded by Jefri Riccardo, the 2nd edition of the Goat Run begins this weekend in West Java with the Mount Guntur race. Textbook Goat Run, so to speak, as the event features two, essentially, short but crispy distances of 25 km and 10 km. Mount Guntur towers more than 2000m above sea level and is a technical and steep climb. The race is basically up and down for those who do 25 km. Exactly the kind of race that beginning trail runners can use to gain experience before tackling the stereotype Indonesian mountain bonanzas such as MesaStila Peaks Challenge or Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra. On the other hand, the Guntur race also gives established runners a decent work out in preparation for their next big target. 

Winners of the main races in the Goat Run series will win vouchers for free race entries to Asia Trail Master events. Likewise, the 2016 winners of the overall Goat Run series have earned a ticket to Clark in the Philippines, for the ATM SuperTrail race this year on 26 November.