Welcome to Tam Dao Mountain Trail !

We are delighted to announce the entry of the Tam Dao Mountain Trail in the 2017 Asia Trail Master Championship. It is the second event in Vietnam in our series and takes place on 24 and 25 June with start and finish at the Belvedere Resort in Tam Dao town, approximately 70 km from capital city Hanoi. The event is organised by the local running community BPM and features races for all levels of trail runners. The two longest races are 70 km and 42 km, on which all finishers will score points for the Asia Trail Master championship ranking. In addition, 70 km is of course also a Grandmaster Quest distance. 

The 70 km race features a great mix of technical trail and runnable terrain. Total elevation gain will be just above 2000 hm. The finale is exciting: the last 10k are virtually all the way up, which means potential race winners will need to time their final effort well! 

Tam Dao mountain town for long has been named the green oasis of the northern Vietnam. With the altitude of 900m, it is a popular tourist site with three summits poking out from the ocean of cloud above – Thach Ban, Thien Thi, Phu Nghia. Tam Dao mountain range also holds many famous cultural and historical sites like Tay Thien pagoda and Tay Thien temple (also known as Den Mau) worshiping Quoc Mau Tay Thien (the Queen) Lang Thi Tieu, Dia Nguc pagoda, television cable tower, stone church, and ancient villas built during the French colony of 1900s. Tam Dao national park of 36.883 ha land is wrapped around by these Tam Dao mountain range with a diverse biological ecosystem varying by the altitude. Many pinophyta species of the temperate forest also reside here in Tam Dao. 

Running among the cool shadow of old forest in Tam Dao national park, crossing the trails, or wading through clear creeks, and climbing the highest summits with amazing view, breathing in the crisp air – you can enjoy all that feeling of freedom and wildness nature brings. Tamdao Mountain Trail 2017 is honored to put aside a small part from registration fee to support Yen Duong commune, Tam Dao district – the poorest commune in Vinh Phuc province, in hope to help those families in need. 

To participate in the Tam dao Mountain Trail race, it only takes approximately 2 hours to drive from Hanoi.  More information on logistics can be found on the event website and on our cover page.