Welcome to IZU TRAIL Journey as the Japan SuperTrail

The Asia Trail Master team is delighted to announce the entry of IZU TRAIL Journey, one of Japan's most popular trail running events, on our race calendar for 10 December. Taking place on the Izu peninsula, the 72 km scenic race from Matsuzaki to Shuzenji Sogo Kaikan is also marked as the Japan SuperTrail in the 2017 Asia Trail Master Championship, which means every finisher will score 50 bonus points for his ranking. 

The stunning course of the Izu Trail Journey, often referred to as "ITJ", takes runners from the edge of the ocean up and across the mountains of the peninsula. The expansive vistas of the Pacific Ocean below and the HUGE views of the majestic snow-topped Mt. Fuji you'll encounter while running along the trail are awesome and will absolutely blow you away! 

The IZU TRAIL Journey starts at 6 a.m. and has a 14-hour cut-off time. The 72 km are indeed not easy: not fewer than 4400 metres of elevation gain need to be conquered before the finish in Izu City. Extremely popular in Japan, this race sells all its 1500 spots effortlessly. However, Race Director Tatsuo Chiba highly welcomes at least 100 international runners to his event this year. 

The main gateway is Tokyo, which is not too far away and connected to the peninsula by shinkansen fast train. Airport-wise, Haneda Airport is closer than Narita. 

More details will become available on our cover page - as usual - where there is also the link to the official event website . Race registration will open on 1 June.