Asia Trail Master Championship: Gaspard & Tahira lead!

The first quarter of 2017 brought us no fewer than seven points races for the Asia Trail Master championship already. As a clear sign of the every increasing popularity and competitiveness, a number of trail runners have even completed up to three races of those! A great beginning is half the battle and earns you lots of media exposure. Of course, at the end of the year only the five best points results count for each runner. 

Defending female Asia Trail Master champion Tahira Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid is again on top of the standings following three race wins at Tahura Trail (Indonesia), UTKC (Thailand) and Beach Bunch Trail Challenge 50 (Brunei). The popular young Malaysian is unbeaten in 8 races on the Asia Trail Master circuit. Nevertheless, her second consecutive championship is not yet in the bag, as several up-and-coming talents seem ready to at least try and bridge the gap to Tahira in the next quarters of 2017. 

The men's ranking just saw Indonesia-based Belgian Gaspard Dessy hop ahead of Arief Wismoyono last Sunday. Dessy has been collecting places of honour in three races so far this season and looks ready to be genuine contender for this year's championship. So does 2015 champion Wismoyono, who seems refreshed and scored his 4th career ATM race victory in Yogyakarta's Coast To Coast Night Trail last month. 

TOP 15 MEN after 7 races

1. Gaspard Dessy (BEL) 1250
2. Arief Wismoyono (INA) 900
3. Yim Heng Fatt (MAS) 795
4. Yohanis Hiareij (INA) 730
4. Aleksis Capili (PHI) 730
6. Hendra Siswanto (INA) 640
7. Aris Sopiandi Muklis (INA) 620
8. Jeshryl De La Cruz Aranzaso (PHI) 600
9. Soonseng Ong (MAS) 550
9. Wataru IIno (JPN) 550
11.Mahdi Manshuri (INA) 540
12.Julian Baker (CAN) 520
12. Zack Reimer (CAN) 520
14.Abdoullah Mitiche (ALG) 500
14. Manolito Divina (PHI) 500
14. Wang Biao (CHN) 500
14. Sefli Ahar (BRU) 500
14. Arnold Lozano (PHI) 500

TOP 15 WOMEN after 7 races

1. Tahira Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid (MAS) 1500
2. Cheryl Bihag (PHI) 1100
3. Ruth Theresia (INA) 1000
4. Lily Suryani (INA) 825
5. Patricia Ann Morota (PHI) 790
5. Mila Marlina (INA) 790
7. Kim Matthews (AUS) 520
8. Diorella De La Cruz (PHI) 500
8. Sandi Menchi Catlona (PHI) 500
8. Joanna Kruk (AUS) 500
8. Xiong Fang (CHN) 500
12.Siawhua Lim (MAS) 475
13.Montha Sontornwit (THA) 470
14.Divine McBride (USA) 450
14. Gretchen Felipe (PHI) 450
14.Ninie Hauschild (INA) 450
14. Jessica Lintanga (MAS) 450
14. An Han (CHN) 450


TOTAL RANKING can be seen here via Race Timing Solutions

Gaspard Dessy and Tahira Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid

Gaspard Dessy and Tahira Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid