Magnificent Merapoh Trail OPEN for registration

The 3rd edition of the Magnificent Merapoh Trail in Pahang, Malaysia, is now confirmed for 4/5 August. The event will again feature a 100 km as the main race, but the 60k has been upgraded to 70k to make it a Grandmaster Quest distance as well. The caves and the big river crossing - famous since last year - are  again the main features of the trail courses. The Magnificent Merapoh Trail is an important event for the region. Participants will effectively boost the local eco tourism sector and save the caves and the surrounding rainforest from a planned big-scale cement production project. 

The Merapoh caves are iconic for the event, which last year drew significant international attention. Overall, the course is fairly flat and not-so technical, allowing beginning and intermediate trail runners a glimpse of what longer distance races are about. Runners flying into Kuala Lumpur airport can make use of the shuttle bus to the Merapoh race venue. Please see the logistical section of our cover page for details. 

Last year's races were won by Jason Robinson and Asia Trail Master champion Tahira Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid on the 100k, and Shan Lim Wen and Gretchen Felipe on the 60k. As of today, it is possible to register yourself for the event. Please note that slots for the 100k are limited to 200 runners and that there is a cut-off time of 20 hours, which does not allow for much lingering at refreshment stations. 

Online registration: